Dr. Shigeyasu AOYAMA

Vice-President Mr. Norihiko KUNO

Executive Director
Mr. Kanezou TAKEUCHI

Directors Dr. Akira IWAMOTO

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Auditors Mr. Michio GOTO

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The Agricultural Development Consultants Association (ADCA) was established in 1975 by a group of prominent Japanese consulting firms specializing in agriculture and rural development. Today ADCA comprises 4 consulting firms as permanent members and 2 as associate members. Since its foundation ADCA has received the guidance from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), under which ADCA has focused especially on project finding activity in developing countries although ADCA covered a variety of activities of the agriculture sector. I am pleased to note that ADCA receives now in-ternational credibility for its past activities with the due support of the Government of Japan.

As you are aware, since international devel-opment assistance started, the donor community has placed emphasis on the agriculture sector in its cooperation programs with developing countries. The situation has not changed even today, although the development assistance has reflected from time to time the world economic and social situation. Currently urgent development topics still center around the security in food production and supply and the develop-ment of sound rural communities, both of which are essential to stabilize the people's livelihood and to achieve a higher living standard and prosperity in developing countries.

The Government of Japan has markedly increased its development assistance to meet the request from developing countries. Although the recent worldwide uneasy economic situation is likely to affect the policy of the donor community in general, the demand for the increase in food production as well as supply, and the necessity of rural development remain the same as ever in developing countries.

In view of the importance of the security of food and the necessity of sound development of rural communities in developing countries, ADCA maintains the same position as MAFF. I would like to emphasize that ADCA project finding missions will frequently visit developing countries to help identify priority projects in the said areas. The priority projects, what we can call products of joint work of the country concerned and ADCA, will be helpful to overcome current international issues mentioned above. I am convinced that these activities of ADCA will meet the demand of developing countries, needless to say that our position and activities will be in line with the guidance and the policy of the Government of Japan and will definitely comply with the by-laws of ADCA.

Please let me conclude by saying that your continued support and cooperation to ADCA will be highly appreciated.

Dr. Shigeyasu AOYAMA

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Consultants Association
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